Friday, February 3, 2012

Moe's & Ruby Tuesdays...In one day!!!

Yesterday I used the last of my Almond Milk in my oatmeal.  I'm not too broken up about it though, we're planning to go to the grocery store this evening. :)

Then I dropped Kai off at school and headed towards Lafayette.  At least I was pretty sure that was the direction I was going.  There was some SERIOUS fog hanging around.  It was like I was driving in the middle of a cloud the entire time!  But I did get there, without any issues... and sadly without seeing a single Care Bear (they live in the clouds you know).

After a morning of working, and an unpredictable lunch time, my co-worker and I headed out to Moe's.  Since we weren't sure exactly when lunch was going to happen we didn't meet up with our other friend that usually joins us. :(

Once again I went with the Rupert (aka no-meat nachos) over the quesadilla.  It's so hard to choose!

On my chips were...  Black Beans, Rice, Cooked Onion, Salsa, Corn Salsa, Lettuce, and Cucumber.
Plus I added some cups from the Salsa Bar. :)

 I Love Moes! :)

After lunch we had our Staff Meeting, which was the whole reason I drove up to Lafayette.  I got to present all my favorite finds at the show we went to last Friday.  I have big ideas people!  Now all I need is for those Salesmen to go out and sell the stuff. :)

I headed home and jumped from my car to the Hubs.  Then we picked up my parents and were off to Ruby Tuesdays.  Yes, I had Moes and Ruby Tuesdays in one day....And it wasn't even MY birthday!

At Ruby Tuesdays I got my go-to meal:  Salad Bar + 3 Sides, which I split with Kai.  We had Mac & Cheese (for Kai), Green Beans (for both of us) and Grilled Zuchinni (for me).

Plus 3 trips to the Salad Bar....

Best Croutons EVER!
 After dinner we headed back to my parents house for the best part...


Since I was in Lafayette, my parents picked Kai up from school.  That meant that Kai got to help make the cupcakes!
Clearly 68 is a confusing time!

Kai pulls Grandpa back from the brink.

Kai helps to blow out some candles....

Holy Cow, Grandpa!!  Look at the smoke from all your candles!!

And finally, we ate the cake!
I ate my cupcake and then sneaked a second.  When my mom offered to send some home with us I politely refused.  I was around them for about 5 minutes and had already eaten 2.  There's no way anymore would have made it through the night. lol!

Now I have to get back to painting.  That's right, I decided to get crafty this morning!! :D

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