Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orange Cups and Left Overs

Can you feel it yet?

Love is in the air.

At least it is in our house...we've started our Valentine's Day decorating!

We put up heart garland around windows and door ways, and we made some "stain glass" hearts thanks to some broken crayons, wax paper, an iron and some curling ribbon. :)

There are also now some love birds kissing in the tree!

We had a little fun with our snack this afternoon.   We pulled out 2 Blood Oranges...

Which I cut the tops off of, as well as a SMALL sliver of the bottom so that they don't roll around.

Then the oranges got hallowed out with the help of a grapefruit spoon.

Into my Ninja went the orange pulp & juice with 1/2 a frozen banana...

Then blend, baby, blend.

That got scooped back into the oranges and were topped with a few organic sprinkles (yeah, I'm that mom.  But seriously, artificial colors can do some seriously scary stuff to your body)

Then the taste test...

She loved it!!  Win!!!

I originally saw this orange cup idea with yogurt mixed into it rather than a frozen banana but I only have 1 cup of yogurt left and I didn't want to open it. :)

As for our actual meals...I have no record of what we ate for breakfast!  I was still full from the massive amounts of pretzel I ate during the Super Bowl so I basically just snacked on Kai's breakfast as I made hers.  She had Multi Grain Cheerios with raisins, Banana and "Tropical Dried Fruit" from Walgreen's; topped with Almond Milk.

Lunch was left overs...

Kai had a jelly sandwich, broccoli, pop chips and avocado.

I had tortilla chips topped with the last of the chili dip and avocado.  Seriously, this is the best dip ever!!

Dinner was also derived from left overs.  For Kai and I, I made up a small batch of Cous-cous and topped that with California Mix Veggies, the left over Tempah and nutritional yeast.  Plus we had the last of the "Ants on a Log" snacks. :)

The Hubs at a BIG plate of left over wings.  And that's all he ate!  :(

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