Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monster Cakes

Today's breakfast....


That's right, Monster Cakes.  Eat them before they eat you...

Basic Pancake Ingredients:
1/3 C Rolled Oats (oatmeal)
1/3 C Cottage Cheese (not pictured)
1 egg
Almond milk to thin it out (about 1/6 C usually)

Boost Ingredients:
Handful of Spinach
About 1 T Ground Flax Seed

Puree your basic & boost ingredients until smooth.

Pour them onto your hot griddle (or how ever you normally cook pancakes).

Flip those bad boys!

Now the Really fun part.  Decorate!!

We sliced 4 strawberries (2 per plate)

Just place...

and slice!

My plate was a bit more traditional. :)

But this monster was the hit of the morning...
A few pumpkin seeds & some agava nectar finish him off.

And let me just say I needed a tasty treat.  I woke this morning to discover one of our fish had tried to walk on land (to no success) and that my very first red-ish tomato of the season had been stolen off the vine by, what I'm assuming to be, some sort of ninja squirrel living in our back yard.

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