Monday, November 21, 2011

Cooking Again

Well the weekend is over. :(

But there's really only 3 days this week and then it's Thanksgiving Day!!!  :D

Yesterday I headed over to my mom's so we could continue to visit with my sister and nieces.   Since my sister has gotten into running I joined her on a run.  I made it one mile but since I don't run we're considering that a total win.  Now, I don't know if a mile run will come close to compensating for eating an entire bag of Popchips Saturday night but hey, it's better than nothing. lol!

Lunch was Thanksgiving left overs and BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.  I stuck to the leftovers and was still completely stuffed.  Have I mentioned that I love Thanksgiving? There's nothing better than good food, family & friends.

For dinner I finally had to start cooking again.  Actual meals.  Not just reheated left overs.

And none of our plates looked even remotely the same.   

Me: Salad & Acorn Squash

Hubs:  Wild Sauce Chicken Wrap

Kai: Hodgepodge

The acorn squash was the same as I've been making (click here).

My Salad included:  Spinach, Lettuce, Quinoa, Pomegranate Seeds, Dates (thanks's to my sister), Chopped apple, Pecans, and Avocado...I think that's everything.  I just kept adding and adding. :)

The Hub's wrap started by grilling a piece of chicken on the George Foreman Grill.  Once it was done I sliced it into strips and added some BW3 Wild Sauce.  I laid that on a whole grain wrap with some lettuce and Kraft Mexican Cheese.  That's it - as simple as it gets.

Kai's was an odd assortment of both our plates. :)

Then for dessert there was the left over pumpkin pie.  So I guess we are still enjoying some leftovers!

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