Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm not sure I should share our breakfast with you.

It may be too much to handle.

It was a full-on indulgence...

Chocolate Cinnamon Pancakes topped with Cinnamon Honey

You read that correctly

Chocolate.  Cinnamon.  Pancakes.


The recipe is my standard go-to:
1/3 C Cottage Cheese
1/3 C Oatmeal
1 Egg
Carob Powder
Almond Milk to thin
A sprinkle of Baking Powder & Baking Soda

Blend it all together & cook on a hot griddle.
Topped with whipped Cinnamon Honey.

I couldn't wait to dig in.  I gave Kai her plate of Chocolate-Cinnamon Pancakes and you know what she said?

She wanted a Birthday Candle...and Banana's on top!!

Apparently she's spoiled!!

We were out of fresh bananas so I sliced up a frozen one (I have to admit - it was an excellent addition to the plate).  Then we agreed to just light a "pretend" candle and sing the A Very Merry Un-birthday song seeing as how it was BOTH our Un-birthdays. :)

I also indulged while shopping  yesterday.  I'm nearly out of Chia Seeds and am dangerously close to an empty Nutritional Yeast bottle so I REALLY needed to refill some of my "staple" foods.  I went in to Georgetown Market for Chia Seeds & a 1/2 lb of Nutritional Yeast and came out with this...

Nutritional Yeast, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Chia Seeds & Amande Yogurt Cups

They were out of the half pound bag of Nutritional Yeast so I went ahead and bought a full pound...I'm sure I'll eat it all eventually (I keep it in the fridge and it doesn't really ever expire).  The bag of Chia Seeds set me back almost $10 BUT this is only the third bag I've bough since January so it's really a very good deal.  Then I saw the Whole Wheat Pastry Flour - on sale, $2 off!  Almost every recipe I read now calls for the WW Pastry Flour, not WW Flour which can make foods dense.  I can't wait to try using the Pastry flour in something and see if it comes out "fluffier".  Then as we were about to leave I noticed that the Amande Yogurt was on sale too!! I've been dying to try it since it's yogurt made with Almond Milk instead of Cow Milk.  Kai picked the Strawberry and I picked Coconut.  They were both quite tasty and if I had the funds to buy unlimited yogurt cups I would definitely stock up. :D

Lunch was left over soup. (boring)

Dinner was Moe's. (Fun but un-photographed: I had nachos topped with rice, black beans, sauteed onion, sauteed Bell Pepper, Queso, Salsa and Lettuce)

Then right next to Moe's (ok not RIGHT next to, but within sight) was a Traverse Pie Company.  The Hubs asked if I wanted to go over and get P.I.E. for dessert.  My response: Umm, Yeah! duh!  Seriously who would say, "no, I don't think there's room for pie".  There's always room for pie.  Always.

The Hubs got Pumpkin which I feel was a foolish choice since we're going to a Thanksgiving party today and there will be homemade pie there - but what ever.  I didn't marry him because of his brains anyway.

I indulged in Mountain Berry.  If I hadn't been taking Kai into consideration I would have gotten Peanut Butter Chocolate but she wanted something pink.  Girls!

Oh wait, I like pink too. :)

After finishing most of the pie (and hogging it quite a bit I must add) Kai started making goofy faces.

Maybe it was the sugar??


Back Off Mom, the rest is MINE!

The Fork is just not effective enough. 
Then the Hubs and I got in on the act...
Stealing a bit of OUR pie!!

My last bite. :(

Last night I also roasted some sweet potatoes for a Sweet Potato Dish for today's party and made up some Pumpkin Humus.  I'm hoping to remember to take LOTS of pictures of the food.  I KNOW it will all be so good. :D

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