Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday & Saturday...

Wow, this is a late post.

...I just didn't get it done last night and this morning we woke, dressed, went to church, dropped Kai off at Grammy's, picked up the in-laws and headed to Lucas Oil Stadium to tailgate before attending the Colt's game. :D

But this post isn't about today.  It's about Friday...and Saturday.  And although the days were packed there wasn't much I have to report on the food front. :(

Breakfast was a bowl of pumpkin topped with almond milk, cinnamon, honey, chia seeds some raw oatmeal and pumpkin seeds.

It looked a lot like this old picture. :)

Lunch was left overs of the previous dinner...

Yep, another recycled photo...
imagine this with Uncle Ben's 90 sec Wild Rice Melody under it.
And then dinner was a combination of Teppanyaki Boy & Orange Leaf Yogurt!!  Now that the in-laws have moved I have a feeling we won't be visiting these very often so it was a bit of a treat. :)

Kai digs in to her shrimp & noodles.

While I dug in to my Edameme and Veggie Rolls
Sorry I have no pictures of my yogurt.  I'm always so excited to get it that the idea of taking a photo flies right out the window.

I got Pumpkin, Coconut and Coffee Lovers topped with assorted fruits.

Do you find it funny that I really don't like coffee at all but I love coffee flavored fro-yo?  I'm certain that it has to do with the smell.  I LOVE the smell of coffee. :)

It may not have been this exact bowl but it certainly was delicious!
When Saturday rolled around I got ready for a "Girl's Day".  A group of us headed out to the Taste Of Home Cooking School at the Indiana Fair Grounds.  In my mind there'd be LOTS of food sampling and what-not.  So breakfast was one of my favorite fruits (I know, I have a lot of favorites)... an Asian Pear!!

Yes, they're back in season!!! :D

And while I really enjoyed hanging out with adults all morning and gabbing with the girls, the show was not my cup of tea.  There was 1 piece of peach cake to try and some cider or milk to sample.  And that was it. :(  Then we got to watch as a very funny chef cooked up a bunch of meals, and I day dreamed about how I'd modify the recipes to make them a little "cleaner". lol!  At one point she made a wrap with 15 slices of bacon on it!!!  I'm sure my Uncle Pat would have LOVED to sample that one.  He's always suggesting more bacon.  :)

As soon as that was over my girl friend and I booked it to the nearest Qdoba for lunch.  We were STARVING!  

I got the Pick 2 combo with a Naked Taco Salad & 2 Black Bean & Rice Tacos.  I ♥ Qdoba. :)

Then about 20 minutes after I got home the Hub's took off for his guy's night.  He and his friend went to see Harold & Kumar's 3D Christmas.  I saw the first one and LOVED it.  I laughed all the way through.  Then I spent perfectly good money to see the second one.  Boo!  It was terrible!  Like Really, Really bad.  Even worse than Ultraviolet (a movie in which I didn't get that they were vampires until half way through?!?).* So I chose not to try and find a babysitter to see the third movie.  

* What I enjoy in a movie and what other enjoy are totally different. For example, I liked Star Wars Episode 1.  And I think the Worst Witch is an amazing coming to age story. :)

Anyway, after eating a VERY late lunch, dinner became a snack.  I made up some Quinoa Burgers for tailgating on Sunday (recipe tomorrow) and ate one of them (gotta make sure they're good!)  And then had a big ol' bowl of popcorn trail mix.

Popcorn, Nutritional Yeast, Apple Chips & Raisins

After that we watched some Disney Movies on ABC Family while Kai stayed up late in an effort to help adjust to the time change.  

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  1. I just bought some quinoa today! post burger recipe soon