Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving is over...Are you ready for Christmas yet?  lol!!

I know I disappeared on you yesterday but it's the Holidays, family's all home and I didn't even log on!  Plus we're in left-over mode so there's not a lot of food adventures to share...

Thursday was a wonderful celebration. :)  There was food of course...

Stuffing, Noodles, Sweet Potatoes & Mashed Potatoes

More Stuffing & Turkey

Homemade Rolls with Cinnamon Honey Butter,
Cranberry Sauce, Apple Salad,
Green Salad, Green Beans and Corn

Those included my green salad - Spinach & Greens mix, Dried Cranberries, Pomegranate Seeds, Chopped Dates, Chopped Gala Apple, Chopped Pears & Pecans; with Quinoa and a Cranberry-Orange Vinaigrette on the side.

Then there was lots of visiting with family....

Monster Hugs!!

Eating at the Kid's Table

Watching Football - what kind of a call was that???

Taking a break to snuggle with Daddy

And more running around!

Then on Thursday night Kai went to bed.  About an hour or so later the Hubs and I both raced to her room because she was coughing and it seemed that she couldn't get a breath!!  We've taken her to the ER once before when it turned our she had Croup and that's exactly what this sounded like again...but not quite as bad.  So long story short, Kai and I were up off and on most of the night going outside for some cool night air and then back inside for some steamy bathroom air.   By morning she was doing fine and the Hubs took over so I could get a few hours sleep. Now she's completely back to normal and back to watching Jingle Bells on Netflix for about the 100th time. :)

AND THEN IT WAS BLACK FRIDAY.  I was so tempted to go out at midnight for some $1 Old Navy Scarves but that didn't happen.  Even if Kai had been well I doubt I would have gone.  I don't know that early black friday shopping is any fun without friends to go out with.  We did drop Kai off at Grammy and Grandpa's so we could hit up Toys R Us and see if we could find any good deals.  It was a MAD HOUSE so we left pretty quickly.  We got lunch at Olive Garden (Hello unlimited salad, soup and bread sticks) and then stopped by Meijer to see if I could get Kai a $5 Cinderella Barbie-like doll but, of course, they were sold out.  We did get a good deal on some outdoor lights so now our outside is all LED'd.

Other than that there was Christmas Decorating and left overs.  Our plates look almost identical to our Thanksgiving plates.  It even turns our that Kai LOVES turkey.  She's usually not one to eat her meats so when she asked for more Turkey I was happily surprised...Anytime she asks for more of something that's not candy/dessert I'm happily surprised. :D

Now it's Saturday and we're still decorating.  The Hubs went out to buy an outside outlet for our deck and I've finished putting up tree #3 (yes, we go all our with the Christmas decor).  This afternoon is my cousin's Wedding Shower...I'll share with you all what I made her tomorrow.  Fingers crossed she likes it. :)

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