Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Could have been worse

I think that if yesterday had a theme it would have to be "It could have been worse".   

The two events that really stand out?  

First I heard Frodo barking...and I couldn't find him.  It actually sounded like he was in the den closet?!?  I looked everywhere in the house.  Then I looked out the front window.  There he was, sitting on our front porch waiting to be let in!  Apparently one of the fence boards in the back yard broke and so he took that as an invitation to explore.  Now, he's a beagle, which means he can REALLY explore.  He'll follow his nose anywhere so I'm in constant fear of him getting out and not finding his way home. Granted he has a collar, and is micro-chipped, but still...

So imagine how happy I was that he was just sitting on the porch.  I guess he knows where he's loved.  See, it could have been worse...he could have run off and been lost all day!

I'm so ashamed...I'll never leave home again!
The second thing that happened?  Well the Hubs was on his way home, less than a block from our house, in fact he was stopped to turn onto our street, when the car behind him decided not to stop!  I actually heard it happen and looked out the window to see the second car in the intersection.  That car did NOT look good.  The front was seriously scrunched up.  But I didn't see the first car (MY HUB'S) and other cars were stopping so I didn't see a point in taking Kai near a busy street to make sure everyone was ok. Traffic started moving again and about 30 minutes later the Hubs got home.  

Now, let me also mention that he forgot his cell phone this morning AND he's working on a project that has it's own, random, time frame so I knew that he may be late and wouldn't be able to call to let me know.

Once he was home he told me it was his car that was hit!  I was shocked and concerned...after all I saw the 2nd car and it was REALLY trashed!!  He told me his care was, for the most part ok.  I went out to see it and he was right!  There was just a little puncture/crack in the rubber-ish bumper.  Apparently his car is a TANK!!  He said that the lady's care sat so low that she basically ran into the hitch and that part of his car is solid.  No doubt!  So tomorrow the insurance guy is going to come out to take a look at it and make sure there are no real problems.  Once again, it could have been worse...I'm pretty sure my little Focus would not have stood up to the second car like his did!

Now that you've had that little insight into our bit of good luck yesterday, lets move on to the food...

Remember, I promised I'd cook something?  Well, I did!  Yay!!

First I "kinda-sorta-peeled" a Butternut squash, chopped it up with some onion and roasted it for about an hour.  It was delicious.

BUT I was hungry when I started so I wound up filling up on snacks before it was done.  Lunch consisted of more & more almond butter, laughing cow on bread, and apples...and then some of the squash. :)
All chopped up.
Dinner had to be fast.  I wasn't sure what to make and the car accident meant the Hubs was running really late.  When choosing between the breakfast pizza or croissant sliders he went with the sliders....

BBQ Chicken Croissant Sliders
1 can croissants (8 rolls)
1 packet of Crockpot Chicken
BBQ Sauce - I used Baby Rays since the Hubs was going to eat it.  I'd prefer something with MUCH less Corn Syrup in the ingredients list like this)

Pre-heat oven to 375 (following croissant package directions)
Heat the chicken up with a bit of water in the microwave.
Drain any excess water from the chicken and add your BBQ Sauce.
Roll out the croissants, add about a tablespoon of BBQ Chicken to the large end and fold the points over.
I made 5 "sliders" and 3 regular rolls.
Then bake for approximately 20 minutes - watch carefully.  You don't want them to burn!


Ready to serve
I on the other hand I made myself and AMAZING salad.  I haven't had many salads since the weather cooled and I'm definitely going to have to remedy that.
Into my salad went:
White Beans
Pomegranate Seeds
Nutritional Yeast
DRESSING:  Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinaigrette & Honey, shaken together & poured over everything.

My Plate:  Salad, Green Beans + Nutritional Yeast, Left over Squash & Croissant Roll.

The Hubs & Kai's Plates

Yes, it was definitely a good day. :)

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