Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Halloween Review...

What a morning! I'm swamped with work PLUS I had to run to the store today to help out our Trick-or-Treat fairy.  She's the tooth fairy's distant cousin, and it turns out that if you're willing to leave her your candy then while you're at school she'll exchange it for a new toy.  Kai's getting ANOTHER My Little Pony, Fluttershy, some stickers and, since the Trick-or-treat fairy is a big softy, she's getting to keep some of the suckers, the Halloween pretzels and a pack of pumpkin peeps.  :)

Of course Halloween was full of a lot of tasty treats....

Cereal topped with an Apple Butter Ghost Toast, with raisin eyes.

Warmed up left over Apple Pulp Concoction with Almond Milk

Banana Ghost

Pumpkin & Apple Smoothies

Store bought "Bread Sticks" cut and folded, then baked into....


Pear & Grape Spider-Monster
(I saw this on Pinterest but couldn't find plums for the body)

Meringue Ghosts

Apple Bites

Severed Fingers
And then for an entree we had Chili...and our friends brought some delicious Potato Skins! :)

Finally it was time for Trick-or-Treating....

Kai had her Snow White costume on all day, but spilled water on it just before dinner.  

Fortunately we had the back-up witches costume ready to go...
Sneaking a bone!

Apparently the girls like the original Mummy movie. 

And they're off!

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