Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Skate, Fro-Yo, Pizza...Oh My!

How long has it been since you wore roller skates?  10 years?  20??  If you had asked me that yesterday morning I'd have had to say closer to 15 years...but now I'd get to say 1 day! :P

That's right! Yesterday we went ROLLER SKATING!!!

Actually, yesterday has so many highs I feel a little bad for today.
There's just no way it can compete.

First I started the day with...

Wait for it....


You'd think I'd get tired of it, but with so many topping options who could get bored??

Oatmeal + Wheat Berries + cinnamon + pumpkin + frozen apple
+ chia seeds + pumpkin seeds + agave nectar
Then I hit up a Step Class with my friend.  My bum is a little sore today.  Man, does Instructor Carrie like to do Lunge Walks!  It's a little unnerving how much she likes them...Like she's not really human...hummmm?

Lunch was left over chili from the night before & some more pumpkin.  Only this time I added some Yogurt on top.  Wow, I wish I had thought of that the night before.  I didn't think it could get better and then it did!!

Anyway, I'm glad I went to the step class in the morning because after lunch the Hubs, Kai and I headed out to do our grocery shopping.  We went to Avon and passed by a little shop that's been threatening to open for a while and finally did it...
YES!!!  We HAD to stop. 

I ran in and got 2 FroYos...

For me, a mix of white chocolate (BEST), cheese cake & peanut butter
topped with EVERY fruit option.
For the Hubs, vanilla topped with mini-cups, sprinkles, cherries, coconut & cookie crumbs.
Kai got to share each of ours...She may have shared more of the Hub's than mine...
I'm not very good at sharing...maybe I should have watched more Care Bears as a child?

Sorry, consumed WAY TOO FAST for a picture.
I consumed mine VERY fast.  And I loved EVERY LAST DROP.   Now I need an excuse to head back out there.  Maybe my blog readers really want me to taste test some more flavors (they have 12!)?  I mean, I couldn't let my readers down, could I?  :)

So already I've had an amazing breakfast, workout, lunch and froyo,
how can it get any better?

How about a "surprise" birthday party at a roller skating rink for my sister-in-law?

That's right, I still rock the skates!

Yep, the party last weekend was a decoy!  Ha-Ha!  Of course she recognized cars before she got in and it's possible her hubs isn't all THAT sneaky but we all jumped up and shouted Happy Birthday and she played along. :)

Birthday Cup Cakes from Longs

After the Kid-Friendly-Skating-Party we headed out for the Adults-Only-Party at the Mucky Duck on the South East side of Indy.  We sat outside listened to music and enjoyed adult company.  Good times.

My mother-in-law and I split a Veggie pizza & a drink.  I wanted her to try the Pinnacle Whipped Vodka but they didn't have it so the waitress recommended UK Cake Vodka.  Oh my, I thought it was a great recommendation.  SO tasty when mixed with a bit of sprite! :)

I know not the best picture!

The pizza was OK.  I like black olives on my pizza but there was a LOT of olives.  And a LOT of cheese.  But since most people like globs of cheese I'm sure others would have really enjoyed it.  :)

So that was it.  An AMAZING day of good food and good friends. :)

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