Friday, August 12, 2011

In the mood for Chocolate

This morning we had company.  Kai's BFF got to spend the day with us so we were ready to have some fun!  When she first got here I asked if anyone was hungry for pancakes and the answer was no.  Then the two of them ran off to dress up.  Well I was hungry.  And I was hungry for almond butter...and chocolate...and banana.

Chocolate-Almond Butter-Banana Oatmeal
Into the bowl went: 1/4C oatmeal, 1/4C water & 1/4C Almond Milk.  Nuked for 1 min. 

Then the magic happens...
Topped with chia seeds, carob powder (like cocoa), a glob of almond butter and 1/2 sliced banana.
It was everything I had dreamed of. :)

Then just as I was digging in, the girls popped back out (all fancied up in their rings, necklaces & hats) and informed me they were ready for pancakes.  

Ok then.  I'll make another breakfast...

Now I like to include spinach in my pancakes, and Kai sees nothing wrong with green pancakes, but since we had company I thought it may be best to "hide" the green.  Chocolate to the rescue!  And seriously, who is going to say no to chocolate pancakes??

Chocolate Pancakes:
Basic Pancake - 1/3C Cottage Cheese, 1/3C oatmeal, 1 egg & almond milk to get consistency.
Bonus Ingredients - Handful of Spinach, approx 1/8C Carob Powder, 1T milled flax seed.
Puree & cook (I use a griddle set to 375°)

Toppings - Drizzle of Agave Nector, a few shakes of cinnamon,  a few dark chocolate chips & a few Kix cereal we had in the pantry...and an apple slice smile.

If that wasn't enough chocolate we also decided to make some Brownies!  I love these brownies.  They're just so good and they're full of protein. :)

2C Black Beans
2 frozen bananas (slightly defrosted)
1/2C total of agave nector & honey
1/4C Cocoa Powder
dash of cinnamon & splash of vanilla
    - puree together then add...
1/3C oatmeal
    -pulse so that it's all mixed

Pour into a greased 8 x 8 dish & put into a 350° pre-heated oven & bake for 30 minutes.

LET COOL.  It's hard to do but you have to or it will completely crumble when you cut into it. :)

And with that my chocolate craving was satisfied...
for now anyway.

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