Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eggplant Lasagna

When doing our grocery shopping this weekend the Hubs grabbed a big frozen box of Italian sausage lasagna and asked if I would eat it.  Well... I've never been a big fan of pork - not bacon, sausage or chops...And when I looked at the  L O N G  list of ingredients - most of which I couldn't pronounce - it really didn't help his cause.  I want to be accommodating, I really don't want to be difficult.  But I want to eat that about as much as he wants to eat eggplant.  I told him I'd have a LITTLE bit.  But it was a big box and since odds were neither Kai or I were really going to enjoy it, he decided not to get it.  The Hubs can eat, but not an entire box of lasagna - even he can't eat that much.

Then a few days latter on Facebook my cousin mentioned that they were having Lasagna for dinner.  What are the odds?  

Then I found out that the Hubs was going to the dentist (6 month cleaning - he had no cavities again!  He's a good brusher & flosser)  so he'd be home late and then was going to work on the yard so I didn't need to include him in our dinner plans.  (When he mows/edges/etc. he waits to eat after he's done & showered and he'll just make himself a sandwich or something).

So I'm sitting there with Lasagna on the brain and can use what ever I want.  I want Eggplant Lasagna. :)

It turned out a little saucy, but tasted amazing!  Even Kai ate most of hers.  Of course I didn't tell her it was eggplant.  She's already decided she doesn't like eggplant so when she asked what it was I just told her it was "Lasagna".  She's happy.  I'm happy.  We're both full.  Win!


1/2 Eggplant - Peeled & Sliced into noodle like strips

1/2 Onion
1 t minced garlic
3 Chopped Tomatoes (from the garden!)
1 zucchini - chopped
Handful of basil (from the garden!)

1 C Cottage Cheese
2 T Feta Cheese
Handful of Spinach - nuked for about a minute to wilt & chopped up
1/2 T Flax seed + 1 1/2 T water - mix & let sit (equivalent of 1/2 an egg)

Shredded Parmesan
Nutritional Yeast

Pre-heat oven to 350°

EGGPLANT PREP:  Cut your Eggplant into strips, spread out and salt, top with paper towels and let sit so that the bitterness is drawn out.  After about 20 minutes rinse the eggplant off.  It's ready to use. :)

SAUCE:  Saute the onion & garlic in EVOO until the union is transparent.  Add the tomatoes, zucchini & basil.  Cook until the juices are brought out of the tomato.  Use a masher to make a chunky sauce.

CHEESE:  Mix the cottage cheese, feta, flax seed mix & spinach.

In a loaf pan start to layer... Sauce, Eggplant, Cheese, Sprinkle of Parmesan, Sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast,  Sauce, Eggplant, Cheese, Sprinkle of Parmesan, Sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast, Sauce. 

Put aluminum foil over the pan & put in the oven for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes remove the foil and turn on the boiler.  Cook for another 15 minutes.

Remove from Oven, Cut & Enjoy.

Sliced Eggplants

Salt & cover with paper towels

chop your onion

chopped tomatoes, jar of minced garlic, chopped zucchini

Basil ready to be chopped

Cooking up some sauce

mash it up (this is really the fun part!)

cheese topping mixture

All layered up and ready to cook. :D

Not everyone's as patient as me!

Ready to eat!!

Not the prettiest plate but I swear it was good!
And yes, that is a "bread stick" aka. 1/2 a hotdog bun toasted with butter & garlic powder!
The lasagna came out a little juicy but man, oh man, did it taste better than anything out of a box!

And for dessert....

And once again the bowls were licked clean. :D


  1. Well I'm might have to try eggplant. I've tried to make it two or three times and it's always mushy and gross, but this looks good. (You would love the number of times my husband isn't home for dinner and you could make whatever you want, lol.) Well off to Ken's fruit and veggie market to buy eggplant. Do you know how to tell if it's ripe/good? (Ahhhh eggplant is scary)

  2. Just make sure it's firm and not wrinkly. Don't get a HUGE one either. If you usually find it mushy then this is a good recipe for you. Mine was still pretty firm. Just peel it before cutting it (I forgot to - oops!)

    I have a fear of Artichokes I'm going to conquer at some point. They're just so pokey!