Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tasty Lunch... Failed Dinner

Doesn't that look good??  That is what went on top of our cucumber at lunch.
Fresh Tomato from the garden, Fresh Basil from the garden, EVOO, & some Lime Juice.  

Fried Okra, Cucumber Salad, Left Over Apple-Pear Crisp, Raw Veggies & Humus & Watermelon.

Then Came Dinner.

I had grand plans for dinner.

They included this beauty.

I like eggplant.  My favorite way to prepare it is to roast it will some Tamari (soy sauce) and liquid smoke.

But I wanted to try something new so with the stirring help of a 3 year old we made up a new marinade.

EVOO, Raw Honey (I reuse the honey bear container) & minced garlic.

Sounded good.  Looked Good.  Even Tasted Good.

And then I roasted it.  And roasted it.  And roasted it.

After about an hour I quit.  I don't know what when wrong but they just never firmed up.

They just sat there all soggy.


I know what you're thinking.  Maybe the oven wasn't working.

Well it was.

How do I know??

This beautiful pan of zucchini chips turned into an ugly pan of ash!!

Yep, some how I managed to burn one item while under cooking the other!

Now that takes skill!!!

So in the end the hubs had Taco Bell and I had yogurt, veggies & humus and the small bits of zucchini I could salvage.

Oh and this.

A fruit salad mix - orange, kiwi & strawberries.

Leave it to dessert to save the day.

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