Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hammer Time...

Don't you love getting the opportunity to use tools in the kitchen?

Me too!  So when I saw a coconut I couldn't pass it up...

Of course it didn't start out open.  I had to do that. :)

Use a CLEAN Philips head screw driver to punch a hole in the soft "eye" on the coconut.  Just try each of the 3 dimples and one will be softer than the others.

Then empty all that tasty coconut water into a glass.

Make sure you shake it all out...

Now the really fun part.  If you have a little helper they'll LOVE this...
Grab your hammer and give it a whack!  
This coconut was pre scored so all we had to do was smack it along the line.  :)


Now you'll want to hit it a few more times so it's in some slightly smaller pieces.

Then you want to remove the shell.  I just pry it out by wedging a paring knife between the flesh & shell.  Keep at it and it'll just pop out.

After you remove the shell there will still be skin on it.  Use a veggie peeler to remove the skin.

With Shell - With Skin - Clean

All done...

Now you want to break it up a bit more and toast the flesh.  
350° for 5-10 minutes.
- I, of course, forgot to do this.  It still tastes ok but toasting it really brings out the flavor. :)

NOW ideally you can make coconut butter by just pureeing the coconut.
It takes a LONG time in the food processor but it's totally worth it.
I've made it a couple times before and it's always worked.


I'm not sure what went wrong...
into the processor

chop, chop, chop

After 10-20 minutes it should look like butter.
It didn't.
It looked like paste.


But at least you know how to open a coconut. :)
And I PROMISE just pureeing it will normally make you delicious coconut butter...


Oh, and I added Recipe & Welcome pages to the top.  Check them out!  :D

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