Friday, August 19, 2011


Breakfast for the second day of school was eaten!!  The key?  Wait until she up to decide what to make.  Once again the night before she wanted eggs but upon waking she wanted cereal.  So cereal it was...A combination of Multi-Grain Cheerios and Kix (if you can eat cereal with just one type in the bowl then kudos to you - I can't do it!).  I on the other hand don't find cereal nearly filling enough for breakfast.  A midnight Snack? Sure.  But enough energy for the day? No Way.

So I had....Oatmeal.  I know, shocker!

Today I topped it with some frozen plums, coconut, chia seeds, & pumpkin seeds.  YUM!

Lunch was leftovers again.   And again I don't have a picture.  It was just the chickpea & sweet potato mix.  It was still delicious.  And don't worry, I don't have any left overs from last night's dinner so our next lunch WILL be something new. :)

Then for dinner I wanted to make BLTs.  Of course I'm not a fan of bacon and the Hubs isn't a fan of Tomatoes.  What to do???

Change the abbreviations of course!

So the hubs got BLC:  Bacon, Lettuce & Cheese on whole grain bread.  
Pretty simple (and a little boring in my opinion).  
Oh, and some Jalapeno Sun Chips (his newest favorite).

Now mine was much more interesting...

much better than a sad little sandwich!

I made myself a ZBLTSKSAWB:  Zucchini Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Spinach, Kale, Sprouts, Avocado, Wheat Berries

Wow, I need an abbreviation for the abbreviation!  We'll just call it a ZLT  :)

The key to this was the "Zucchini Bacon".

Kai and the Hubs wouldn't even try it (shocker!) but that just meant more for me.

Zucchini Bacon
1 Zucchini
drizzling of Tamari (soy sauce)
drizzling of Liquid Smoke

Slice your zucchini into strips.  You want it pretty thin.

Heat some oil in a pan and add your zucchini strips

Cook up both sides then add your Tamari & Liquid Smoke

Smokey & Salty.  Just the trick to get that bacony-flavor. :)

See all those strips in that pan?  
Remember how I said Kai and the hubs wouldn't go near it?
Remember how I said we didn't have left overs?
Yep, I ate it all.  By myself.  If there had been more I'd have eaten it too.  And I'm ok with that.

Then I just piled everything into a bowl:

Greens: Spinach, Kale & Lettuce
Sprouts: Mung bean, alfalfa, radish, and something else (I can't remember the mix)
Grain:  Wheat Berries (just simmer them for an hour - I make up a large batch & then throw them into my meals for a couple days)
Toppings:  Avocado & Tomatoes...And the Zucchini Bacon!

I knew Kai was much more likely to eat a sandwich than a bowl of salad so hers looked a bit more traditional:

1 slice of whole grain bread with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, Zucchini Bacon & American Cheese.
With a side of wheat berries (she likes them, I swear.)

The sandwich was eaten in pieces and I helped her with the zucchini, but her plate was pretty clean when she was done.

Which meant we got a special dessert....

Chocolate-Almond-Banana Ice-Cream-Smoothie

It was really too thick for a straw.
But hey, we have stronger cheeks for it now. :)

1.5 frozen bananas
1 heaping spoonful Almond Butter
1 big spoonful Carob Powder
1 Handful of Spinach
1 small spoonful of Chia seeds
Approx 1/4C of Almond Milk to thin it out (Use your judgement on how much to use.  You want a soft serve consistency)

Puree in your blender & enjoy!!

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  1. This was your most shocking post yet :-P