Thursday, August 11, 2011

Indiana State Fair

Yes, at 1,305 lbs. that is the worlds largest boar.  So no matter how much you eat at the State Fair you can feel good about the fact that you don't way over 1000 lbs...  :)

What a great day to go to the Fair!  The heat has FINALLY broke and it was only around 80 degrees.  Perfect temperatures for strolling through the farm buildings, trying to decide what to eat, and carrying a 3 year old who's "just so tired!"

First stop...The Dairy Barn (or what ever it's called)
Kai, my Dad and I shared a very large Strawberry Milkshake (more like soft serve)

It was delicious!

Then the hubs disappeared for a while while he went to find just the right place to buy a tenderloin & corn on the cob.  By the time we found him he had already finished his food!

Of course I was a little miffed that he didn't share his corn with me so being the good hubs he went back and got me one. :D

Sorry - I started eating it right away and THEN thought to take a pic. 

After walking around a bit Kai was thirsty so the Hubs went to get  her a drink and came back with this...


Being a good wife I couldn't in good conciseness let him eat that whole thing by himself so I helped him out a little.  :)

After that I was on the hunt for the "healthy foods" building I had read about last weekend.  I never did find it.  And while everyone talks about the deep-fried candy/kool-aid/twinkies/whatever, they're not something that appeals to me so I chose not to try them.  

What we did find were quite a few animal friends.... 

Poor Donkeys will always be second banana to the horses.

Now that's a lot of piglets!

Just try and make deep fried goat...I dare you!

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