Wednesday, August 10, 2011


After last night's stuffing I wasn't terribly hungry for breakfast so I decided to juice!  When I first got my juicer, I juiced everyday and LOVED it.  In fact, my search for juicing recipes (like I'd follow an actual recipe!) lead me to all those great foodie blogs and books about nutrition and that's when things started getting healthy around here.  I think back to when I would consider a pile of chips, ground beef, & 8 oz of cheese a complete meal and shudder!

So back to my Green Monster....

3 Kale leaves, 1/2 Cucumber, a wedge of Cabbage and the juice from 1/2 lime...And 1/2 an apple I decided to throw in at the last minute. :)

All Juiced up!

mmmm.... Green Juice

Then I went out to throw the compost into the bin and noticed this...

I think that Kohlrabi is ready to be harvested!
(Please ignore the weeds.  They're frustrating little buggers who just keep growing back.  grrrr!)

I've never grown Kohlrabi before.  Hell, I'd never even heard of it before.  But I was at Menard's earlier this year and the plants were on clearance.  My mother-in-law told me her dad used to grow it and thought it was pretty easy.  6 plants for a buck.  Sure!  So I took 3 and gave her 3.  One of my 3 doesn't look right but the other 2 grew and grew...not like a weed though.  Nothing grows like a weed.  I hate weeds. I pull them out and then they're back the next day. GRRRR!!!!

Ok - focus's harvested.  Now what?

Google Search!!  Google is my friend.  So many recipes to choose from.

I decided on my own version of a Kohlrabi & Apple Slaw. :)

Peeled the Kohlrabi with a pearing knife.  

There were a lot of close calls on this one - I'm considering it to have been a success that I came out of it without needing a band-aid.  In the future I'm going to have to find a different way to peel this bad boy!

Shredded/Noodled/Sliced/Whatevered a Fuji Apple and the Kohlrabi into a bowl.

Made up the "dressing":
Measurements are VERY approximate...

Yogurt (3/4 Cup)
Small Squirt of Dijon (1/4 t)
Round the bowl 2x with Raw Honey (2T)
Juice from 1/2 a Lemon

Stir and add to your Apple-Kohlrabi mix.

It tasted AMAZING!

I think next time though I'll add some spinach, kale or maybe mint leaves to it.  I like there to be more color in my foods.  :)

AND since I'm not one to let things go to waste I tore off the greens from the Kohlrabi to use...

Boiled for 2 minutes, Ice bathed & then sauteed in with my okra I made up for lunch.  I thought sauteed greens would be great in a  Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Hello George....

A Grilled cheese sandwich with American Cheese....

And topped with a tomato from the garden, a pinch of shredded cheese & the greens.


on each of our plates went:
1/2 a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, okra, slaw, veggies & humus.

I'd love to tell you I have an adventurous daughter who'll eat greens on her sandwich but they were removed first thing.  Oh well, I'll keep trying.  :)

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