Thursday, August 4, 2011

Okra. Yummy, Yummy Okra.

Born a Hoosier, Boilermaker by choice.  But if push came to shove, I think I was meant to be a southern gal.

Lets look at the facts:
Sweet Tea - my go to drink.
Cole Slaw  - Belongs ON a burger, not to the side of it.
Weather - Bring on those hot summer months!  (as long as I've got my Blackberry Lime-Ade)
Okra - Could be eaten by the bucket.

Now for the first time ever I'm growing my very own Okra plant. Tee-hee!

I really don't understand people who don't enjoy okra.  But I suppose that's ok, just means there's more for me.

Disclamer:  I waited WAY too long to pick this batch so some were too hard. :(
It's best to pick them when they're little and still soft.

First I cut up my okra into bite size pieces & throw the tops & ends into the compost bin.

Next (when I remember) I sprinkle them with my kosher salt & then put them into ice water for at least an hour.  I'm not sure why/if this is important but it's what I always do. 

into the fridge you go...

Then when I'm ready to eat I heat a spoonful of Coconut Oil (mmmm, love that smell) on med-hi in a skillet. and bread my okra with some corn meal....

gets a little messy

Then it's into the frying pan until cooked up.  A few minutes on each side until done.

And that's all there is to it!  I'm sure you can get fancier with your breading by adding spices and such but I'm so happy with this version I never have. :)

Our Final Lunch
Kai's Plate:  Yogurt with honey, fried okra, salad mis-match & humus

My Plate:  LOTS of fried okra & homemade yogurt with honey & chia seeds

My Bowl:  Spinach topped with green onion, cucumber, tomato, humus, black bean & corn salsa, tomato salsa and sunflower seeds.

So does anyone else feel they love okra as much as me or do you find them slimy?


  1. I wind it slimmy, but than again, I've never tried it the way you make it :)

  2. Okra was on sale at the store so I'm trying this today. I've got it soaking now. My plan was to feed it to everyone, but Adelaide was too hungry to wait so it's all mine. I really hope I like it!